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  • A great advocate for the environment and people.
    -Jaqueline Jolles
  • I have known Helen Wheatley as an advocate for transparency at our Port, a consistent election campaign volunteer, and a leader of our local Democratic Party. I am supporting her bid for Port Commissioner.
    -Clark Gilman

  • She knows what she's doing and is committed, passionate and far-sighted!
    -Laura Schleyer

  • Helen has the knowledge, passion, and most of all vision to take the Port into a dynamic future.
    -Stephen Klein

  • Helen is honest and a true environmentalist. The Olympia Port is in great need of a steward with her integrity, experience, and knowledge.
    -Ann Heitkemper

  • She is the best candidate
    -Tom Dyer

  • I trust Helen to truly represent our communities.
    -Leslie March

  • Helen will do a great job and is a forward-looking thinker with real solutions!
    -Mark Gardner

Elected Officials

Beth Doglio, Representative LD 22
Laurie Dolan, Representative LD 22
Chris Kilduff, Representative LD 28
Gerry Pollet, Representative LD 46

Pete Kmet, Mayor, City of Tumwater
Joan Cathey, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Tumwater
Clark Gilman, Olympia City Council (video)
Carolyn Cox, Lacey City Council (video)
E J Zita, Port of Olympia Commissioner (video)
Don Orange, Port of Vancouver Commissioner
Paul Pickett, Thurston Conservation District
T J Johnson, Thurston Conservation District (video)
Chris Stearns, Thurston PUD Commissioner

Organizational Endorsements

Helen has the exclusive endorsement of the Thurston County Democrats & every Democratic LD in the county!

Thurston County Democrats

2nd LD Democrats

22nd LD Democrats

35th LD Democrats

Olympia Indivisible
(Endorsements Update)

Thurston Democratic Women
Green Party of South Puget Sound

Former Elected Officials

Sue Gunn, Port of Olympia Commissioner
George Barner, Port of Olympia Commissioner

Sandra Romero, Thurston County Commissioner
Karen Valenzuela, Thurston County Commissioner
Walter Jorgensen, Tumwater City Council
Karen Messmer, Olympia City Council (video)
Laura Ware, Olympia City Council
Bob Jacobs, Olympia Mayor (video)
Jim Lazar, Former Thurston PUD Commissioner (video)

Community Members

Jody Alfiere
Richand Anderson
Nancy Armstrong
Bev Bassett
Jeanette Berreca
Jessica Blose
Peter Bohmer
Sally M. Brownfield
Luke & Whitney Bowerman
Maureen Canny
John & Lisa Ceazan
Graham Clumpner
Rob Cole
Yanah Cook
Thad Curtz
Bill DePoto
Lee Doyle
Tom Dyer
Larry Dzieza
David Edwards
Jim Elder
Roy & Cathy Emory
Nick Fediay
Bill Fishburn (video)
Mark Fleming
Anne Flynn
Barak Gale
Mark Gardner
Matt Goldenberg
Sherri Goulet
Holly Graham
Zoltan Grossman
David Groves
Bourtai Hargrove
Zena Hartung
Elizabeth & Richard Hauser
Ann Heitkemper
Christine Hempelman
Pat Holm
Monica Hoover
Bonnie Jacobs
Deb Jaqua
Robert Jeffers
Stephanie Johnson
Jacqueline Jolles
Dan Judge
Theresa Kelso
Stephen Klein
Esther Kronenberg
Sue & Denis Langhans
Karen Lichtenstein
Karyn Lindberg
Janine Lindsey
Dave Little
David Lousteau
Jean MacGregor
Yona Makowski
Leslie March
Sandy Mayes
Joanne McCaughan
Patrick McLaughlin
Sue McRae
Sue Medeiros
Sam Merrill
Jennifer Meyer
Sky Meyers
Tom Muller
Sean Munger
Barbara Munson
Kim Murillo
Eric Nelson
Karen Nelson
Sonja Nelson
Jeff Nogler
Tom Nogler
Kathleen O'Shaunessy
Kathy Package
Rod Palmquist
Barbara Parker
Pamela Pride
Paul Pickett
Frances Ray
Marilyn Richer
Doug Riddels
Lisa Riener
Maria Rodriguez
Loretta Sappanen
Barbara Scavezze
Laura Schleyer
Chuck Schultz
Sandia Slaby
Loretta Seppanen
Jeffrey Snyder
Jeff Sowers
Jennifer Sprague
Jane Stone
Corrine & Garrett Taiji
Michael Tate
Rod Tharp
Jeffry Tramel
Ruth Tudor
Ann Vandeman
Ann Vandenheuvel
Florence Vincent
Pat Wald
Tobias Washington
Bethany Weidner
Lloyd Wilenski
Bob Zeigler